Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zen and the Art of Fish Pond Maintenance

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting out on my back patio in the morning as the days get warmer listening to the calming sound of running water from our fish pond fountain. This fountain has enchanted me since the first time I saw this house and got a very one of a kind tour from the previous owner. The picture above is of the pond last spring as we were in the process of purchasing the house. Looks good huh? Unfortunately is was not looking so great when I went out today...

Now, I am proud to say that although it is looking a little rough I only killed one of our 7 fish over the winter, and I am just positive it must have died of old age. Either way I thought it was time to do a good cleaning and filter change out. I worked very hard getting it all cleaned and put back together. Confident that the pond was now looking much better I went back inside. About 30 minutes later I happened to look out the window to see a river running down the driveway and the fish practically screaming HEEEEELP! The water level was down about a foot... oops! Apparently when I put everything back together I pointed the return hose into the garden rather than the pond. You learn a lesson every day right? Today's was certainly valuable... double check your work lest you kill your kids fish and have to explain what happened.

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