Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning to Fly

Is there any better feeling than flying along on a bike with the wind blowing through your hair? I love it! Lance bought me a super cool cruiser style bike this fall and I love to hop on on the rare occasion both my kids are at school and I have time to play. I rode to Walgreens from our house a few weeks ago and when I picked Zander up from school he said "Mommy, did you ride your bike today? I saw you out my classroom window!" Pretty funny!

Zander was a maniac on his bike with training wheels all last summer but quit in protest when I took off the trainers. I have been trying so hard to get him to try riding without the training wheels ever since. Today he did it!! We went over to his school playground and rode on the grass.

Unfortunately about a half hour later he crashed and burned with a nasty scrape to his shoulder. Riding is easy but stopping is a little harder to master. I am so proud of my buddy for giving it a go!

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