Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Trash Day Find

Big Trash day is always an exciting time in any neighborhood. All the junk collectors drive around in their pickups salvaging whatever they deem treasure as the rest of us gleefully pitch stuff to the curb to clean out our closets and garages. I actually love the way things get recycled on this day. It is cool that the city is never there on day one to pick stuff up. They always give the dumpster divers a chance to have a look first. It is actually a very Green practice.
Our family is always on the pitching side of this equation... Until this afternoon! I took the kiddos on an afternoon adventure for a haircut and treat at Cuppies and Joe. YUM! As I pulled back down my street I saw my treasure. Big Trash had already been scooped up this morning so I knew she was all mine for the taking. Apparently this family had forgotten to get the big trash out on time so they set her on the side of the street with a sign marked FREE! My kids were amazed as I pulled over, popped the hatch and hefted her in.

When we moved into our new house last summer we spent almost every night sitting on our front porch. It is a fabulous place to have a drink and unwind at the end of the day. Our porch is fantastic but was missing one thing to take it to perfection... a coffee table to pop your feet on and set your drinks on. Woo Hoo, welcome home table! So, now it is question time: What color should I paint it? Black, Chocolate Brown, leave it alone? Give me your input please!

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  1. What a great find! I LOVE me some curb-shopping! I've gotten lots of goodies that way. I think you could leave it that color and maybe stencil something on the top (they have neat ones at Hobby Lobby) and distress it. Can't wait to see what you do with it!