Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a weekend...

This weekend was great. Three highlights:
1. The Informant!
This movie was shot in my hometown of Decatur, Illinois which just so happens to be the soybean capitol of the world. Lets just say not many movies are shot there so I had so much fun watching for glimpses of home throughout the movie. Matt Damon is also hilarious although unfortunately under an unflattering transformation for the film. Pretty fun movie- check it out!

2. Oklahoma Gardening School
Myriad gardens put on a gardening school at the civic center on Saturday and it was fun. Learned a ton about great plants to use in landscaping for Oklahoma. Great information for a non-native okie trying to get into gardening. By far the best part of the presentation was by the director of the gardens. As part of the whole Devon skyscraper project the myriad gardens are getting a MAJOR face lift! I tried to find the plans online to link up here but was unsuccessful. They are putting in a cafe, restaurant, dog park, huge kids area and teaching garden, revitalized stage, and multiple water features (one of which will be an ice rink in winter) just to name a few. WOW! They begin renovations after the arts festival this April and plan to try and finish it by the following year's arts festival. Want to meet me over there in about a year? I plan to move in after seeing the pics. LOVE OKC's DOWNTOWN!!!

3. Stop Hunger Now
You pretty much have to live under a rock not to know that hunger is a major issue in the US and around the world. I was so excited to be a part of a mission project at our church, Church of the Servant Methodist, today. Our congregation raised the funds to buy the supplies for and then packed over 100,000 meals. These meals are targeted to be sent to Africa for school children. It was a wonderful opportunity to get hands on in helping combat hunger. The best part- my 6 year old son, Zander, got to help in the packaging. He was so proud and it was such a great way for my husband and I to help him make the connection between faith and action. WOW! What a great way for our family to start the week.

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  1. OOOO, I so wish I could have gone to the gardening school, just to hear about all of the fabulous updates to the Myriad Gardens! I'll keep an eye/ear out for more info.

    Thanks for sharing!