Thursday, August 19, 2010

The First Day of School!

We got off and running for the first day of school this morning.

Zander the first grader:

Zella the PreKindergartener:

Two Wilson Wise Wolves:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Super Summer Sunday- an ode to Brunch

Today was such a good day... Why?
1. Seeing friends at church- especially those awesomely talented singing friends of mine!
2. My friend Ashley who took my kids to play all afternoon after church. It is 4:52 and they are still not home...
3. Brunch at Cheevers with my honey. We love everything about Cheevers so it should come as no surprise that we also adore their brunch. Brunch is so civilized. Parents of young children do not get to do brunch. My glamorous Chicago girlfriends do brunch. Brunch is awesome. I now want to do brunch every Sunday. That may be the mimosas talking....
4. Friday Night Lights on Netflix. In the middle of the day. I do not ever get to watch my shows in the daylight... what a treat!
5. Uninterrupted work time on the computer.
6. Being able to get away with not really making dinner because the two grownups in the house are still full from... BRUNCH!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I got away for a little girl time yesterday afternoon with my friend Ellen. Woo Hoo! It was much needed and a lot of fun. I love to browse an antiquey-junk store when I am in the mood to shop but do not want to tempt myself to spend real amounts of money. The mall spells budget disaster and I hate to go unless I really need something. However, there is nothing like a little treasure hunting. I have heard people talk about the Rink in Bethany for a while and wanted to check it out. Luckily Ellen was game!

The Rink is an old skating rink that is now a booth style antiquey store. Although it was hot in there we had so much fun checking everything out and I got some DEALS! Here they are...

1. Cowboy Boots! I have been an Oklahoma girl for eleven years now, but have yet to break down and buy a pair of boots. It comes down to guts. I have never been sure I would really wear them and they are expensive! Yesterday I found this pair of boots:

I wore them all over the store and they fit! Steal of the day at only $10. I wore them out last night and love them.

2. Cake Stand. These beauties are magazine staples and I have lusted for one for some time, unwilling to buy an expensive one with a lid but unwilling to settle for a cheap target one without a lid. I spotted this beauty:

Score! Mine for the bargain basement price of $25. I have almost purchased one before in a junk shop charging that much for the base alone. So- please- if this is not a bargain in your eyes I do NOT want to hear about it!

3. Decorative Plate. I like to use plates when decorating my bookshelves, and although I have no place to put it now I am starting to think about how I will change things up for Fall. This will be a great pop of red when I am ready to banish my beachy blue in September:


So- I spent less than $40 bucks and got three things I love. What a great afternoon... Who wants to go again next weekend?