Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting Started

"What are you going to blog about?"

My husband asked me this casually when I mentioned starting a blog, and I am still not totally sure of the answer. I blog a lot in my head already and thought it might be a good exercise to write it down. So, here we go. I plan to post random things as they arise but also want to use this blog to track the progress of my gardens for one year. We bought our new home in April of last year and it has a great garden in the back yard filled with tons of perennials. I had so much fun last year watching to see what was coming up in the gardens but I was way too busy with moving and remodeling to really record any of it. Before I start digging and making this garden my own I want to know what is going to come up where. I was totally shocked yesterday to walk around and find set of daffodils almost open. Here they are...

Hope today will be first bloom day. Hooray for Spring!

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