Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time Really Does Fly- The Big #4

If you have kids or are just around them you know the terribly trite phrase "They grow up so fast!" is also terribly true. Well, today is a big day at our house. My sweet baby girl turns 4 today. This is really hard for me to believe. As I celebrate I can't help but feel the teeniest bit sad that I won't get to have a three year old again. I am so proud of Zella Grace. She is such a fun, creative, free-spirited, loving, HAPPY! Kid. So...
That was then:

This is now:

Love you Zella Girl!


  1. I remember the day you found out that Sweet Baby was going to be Sweet Baby *Girl* - how has it been 4 years??? She is absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday Zella, I hope you have a magical day!