Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rumble Mania

The Leffel household loves us some Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball. We are super spoiled by Geep and Gege and get to go to lots of games. Although the basketball is great and we are so psyched to see the Thunder doing so well this year, the real star of the Thunder in this house is RUMBLE! If you are not familiar, Rumble is the Thunder Mascot. He is a Bison that basically recalls Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf. Rumble is so much fun to watch and really does an amazing job at entertaining during the games.
Rumble recently celebrated his 1st birthday and had a bunch of his mascot friends over for a party at the game. They took lots of pictures before the game and entertained so well, the kids had a total ball that night. However, we were still in search of the elusive one on one picture with Rumble for my kids. Then, last night at the game Rumble walked right up to our row and we finally got that money picture for both kids. Here they are!

Woo Hoo! Now, I am on the hunt for the best Thunder shirt I have seen yet... It says I heart and has a picture of Rumble. Has anyone seen one? I am dying to get this shirt (no, not for my kids... for ME!)

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