Friday, April 29, 2011

More Rink Finds

I know it probably seems like I must go to the Rink and shop about every other day, but I swear I usually only make it over every other month. I have been twice in the last couple months and kept my string of really fun finds alive. So, here are the latest adoptees.

Fun old Lantern- $7:

Vintage Tablecloth- $10:

Garden Cart- $35:

I scouted one of these last time I was there and it was falling apart and they wanted about $50 for it. So, I felt like this was a great score and perfect for summer front porch partying! Come on over and I will mix up some drinks to serve on my new cart.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Compost 2.0

Last year I vowed to start composting and wound up with a big pile that never really got going. Epic Fail.

So, this year when I decided to start up again I went a different route. I think my biggest issue with the out in the open pile is the whole turning and aerating part. I am quite honestly not strong enough to get things properly turned. Instead of accepting defeat, I broke down and bought a compost tumbler. I was able to assemble it in about 30 minutes and it was so worth it. We are going really strong with the process now. Can't wait to see how my first batch turns out.

My other totally worth it composting purchase is this:

I got it at Williams Sonoma with a Christmas gift card... thanks Uncle Randy! It has also made a huge difference in our composting efforts. It holds food for days without getting stinky and can sit on the counter looking all cool and stainless without activating my OCD. Win-win! Get one!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wisdom from Ferris

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

We have been running pretty fast around here lately. It is all so much fun and great stuff. So, I have been living life and not finding time to write about it at all!
Thought I would share a few scenes from the crazy of late.

The RedBud Race:

Zella's Zoo Field trip:

Thunder Playoff Mania: This is leading to lots of late nights and sleep loss for Lance and I. And a lot of last minute babysitter scrambling. Bonus- seeing fellow Thunder maniacs from waaaay up north, the Whites. Thunder Up!

We also had an awesome week with my mom and dad in town for Easter. Zander got some quality time in the attic shooting his BB gun with Papa. The girls did lots of American Girl Doll playing:)

Can you believe I managed to not get one picture of my family together on Easter??? Classic.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would You Wear These?

I was buying my son some Easter shoes at Target today and stumbled upon these very interesting shoes...

I know I am conservative and boring, but I saw these and thought WOWZA! They definitely make a statement... just in case this picture is hard to see- that is a black sandal with a bejeweled tiger on the strap.
What do you think? Would you wear these bad boys?

This poor blog has been neglected as life has moved from busy to straight up warp speed around here. I am hoping to do a catch up post with pics of all the action around here. (Yes, I know my mom is the only blog reader who probably cares about this:))

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Planning for Summer

Sometimes the Universe sends me messages. Yesterday Lance and I sat down for a family scheduling conference and I was freaked out by how close we are to summer. Then I walked by a Metro Family magazine with the cover story "The Best-Summer-Ever Guide". Summer Pool information was out at the tennis club, and Saturday we got a summer camp brochure from Children's Theatre. EEEK!
I guess it is time to start making plans for the shortest summer ever. Oklahoma City Public Schools changed their schedule to a more year-round model. So, we basically have June and July only this year and a lot of fun to fit in. I like a good puzzle, but this is going to be a wild one to solve if I want to fit in all the cool stuff we want to do.
Last summer we had a lot of down time, and that was really great. So I guess my struggle will be to get in what my kiddos want to do without overdoing it and sending them back to school exhausted. What are your favorite family and kid activities for the summer?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Redux

As the weather gets nicer the weekends just get more and more fun.
Friday night in the big town:
Lance was a little late getting home as he had to premark the course for the RedBud race next weekend. Are you running? I spent the whole day in the yard planting, mowing, and enjoying the amazing day. After school I brought the kids home and insisted we have a backyard party. Veggies and guac, steak on the grill, dinner outside... Three cheers for Spring weather!

Saturday fun:
Coffee on the front porch, planting the veggie garden, soaking in some more sun. It was a great day topped off by a magical night. Saturday night we went to the Oklahoma Children's Theatre's Fairy Tale Ball. Our good friends Brent and Tyfanna were the chairs of this event and we decided to go check it out. It was a fantastic night. The kids got dressed up, Zella in her prettiest princess dress. Zander was a swashbuckling pirate.
The first hour of the party was filled with family games and activities. Sword fights, fairy stories, making crowns and shields, getting tattoos. The kids had a blast. Then we took them upstairs and checked them in for their own dinner, show, dancing, facepainting and more. We had the grown up version with dinner and a live auction. We wound up the night dancing as a family. It was such a wonderful event and a magical night for the kids.

Sunday, Fun Day.
We spent yesterday getting caught up on life. We missed church because Zella slept until almost 9:30! All that fairy tale fun will wear a princess out. Last night we got to send the weekend off in style with some good friends from the neighborhood coming over for dinner.

So much fun but I have to say, I am soaking in my three quiet hours this morning and gearing up for another week. What did you do this weekend?