Friday, March 26, 2010

Alexander and the No Good Horrible Day

Today started out with such potential. Earlier this week Zander's teacher pulled me to the side at drop off to "remind me", wink wink, that the school award assembly would be Friday. I took that as a good hint to bring in the big guns as my buddy would most likely pull in the big award, the Holy Grail for kindergarten, Student of the Quarter award. So, I made sure my hubby would be there and called the in-town grandparents to invite them as well. Celebration time!

The back story to this big deal award is that we had a pretty rough transition into all day kindergarten at our new school this year. There were some hard days and lots of tears. We have come a long way and I am so very proud of Zander's accomplishments. He has worked hard to earn this award.

I ran all my errands this morning and got home a little after one to get Zella to rest up for the three o'clock assembly. I flipped on a little TV for her and my cell phone rang. Zander's teacher was calling to tell me to get over to school right away. Apparently my buddy was running on the playground, bumped into a friend and proceeded to fall face first on a slide. He knocked out one of his top front teeth and bent back the other front tooth and the smaller tooth next to it. He also managed to open up a pretty good gash under his lip. We got our first bloody E.R. visit. Not the landmark I was hoping for today!

Luckily the Saint Anthony staff got us right in and 5 stitches and a whole lot of tears later we were rolling up the Hefner Parkway to see our favorite dentist. We count on the Schmidt family for a lot as our very dear friends, but this was the first time we got to use the added benefit of immediate emergency dental attention. Dr. Lance assured us Zander would be fine and did not need any procedures right then- thank goodness for baby teeth, although his bent back teeth look awful!

We got back home, tried to regroup and my sweet hubby managed to throw the knocked out tooth into the very nasty and full kitchen trash can. Here is the result:

They did manage to recover the tooth, though hubby may never eat eggs again. Tonight before bed we wrote the tooth fairy a note to let her know this tooth is much more valuable than the average tooth. I feel pretty confident she will respond appropriately.

The bottom line, we missed the assembly. I was so sad that Zander missed his big awards moment. We did get back home right as school was dismissing. So, we walked down the street to get our wonderful award from his teacher, Miss L. Here he is with a fat lip, stitches, messed up teeth, and a rockin' new Student of the Quarter T-Shirt.

This day is definitely one made for repeatedly retold stories. I know I will never forget our version of Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day!

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