Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My husband and kids have never been to Disney and I think this year is the year to change that! I think both kiddos (7& almost 5) are at a great age to go and really enjoy the experience. As I am nothing if not a type "A" super planner, I am writing this post to ask for tips and tricks. If you have been and especially if you have taken your kids- I want your input!

We will likely try and go in October as we will have an extended Fall Break with our school's new continuous learning calendar. I have said nothing about this to my kids, so if you see them please don't say anything! I am looking forward to hearing from you, my faithful 4 or 5 readers (thanks mom and Lori:)). I know you won't steer me wrong...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rink Finds

As January wears on the fresh feeling of moving Christmas out is usually followed by a strong desire to freshen things up with some easy decor changes. After stopping by the furniture shop to place the order and start the clock on my eight week wait for new chairs I decided to try for some instant gratification at one of my favorite treasure hunting spots- the Rink in Bethany.

The Rink is an old skating rink that has been turned into a booth style thrift/decor/antique/stuff place. I have never failed to find something I could not live without on a trip to the Rink and this day was no different! I had my eye out for a small side table to go between the new club chairs I ordered for the office. I also wanted something fun for my front room bookshelves. I needed a reason and motivation to change them up. I am happy to report I had success with both items!

First- the table. This is a leggy metal tray top style table in a blackish bronze finish that I think will be perfect for the office. It should hit right at the arm rest height of the chairs which I always think is the best height for a side table. I like that it is metal and hopefully very durable and kid resistant. What do you think?

Next up- a bird cage. As I start to look for more springy touches to bring into the house this totally caught my eye. It is metal with a wooden finial on top and the perfect size for my bookcases. I had to have it.

Once I got my treasures home I got started rearranging the bookcases. In one of the nine thousand magazines I read each month (I know I have a problem but have no desire to seek help) I saw a tip about taking all the book jackets off of the books to change up the look. I gave it a try and like the result.

Here is the finished product- rearranged shelf...

Scenes from a Snow Day

When my kids were younger snow days have at various times literally made me cry real tears of sadness. As they get older and spend so much more time at school it has gotten really fun to be stuck home for a day of relaxing. We did it up right in our pajamas. Barbies, Legos, pedicures, lunch with neighbors, outside time, friends, smores, fire in the fireplace, and a movie. All in all a great day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it worth the wait?

I think with every passing year the world gets more and more fast paced. With the increasingly instant world we live in waiting seems to get harder and harder. I find myself really struggling with patience. Am I alone in this? If I want something I want it 5 minutes ago... and I wonder where my kids get their inability to wait!
Lance and I are working on turning our office area into a more comfortable place to hang out and relax. Too many Sunday afternoons we find ourselves sitting in the office watching football on our 12 year old tiny non-HD TV while sitting on our futon with the mattress that slowly slides to the floor. What about our nice big TV and comfy couches downstairs? Well, the kids are down there in the lap of luxury watching Scooby Doo of course!
So, this weekend we upgraded the TV and I must say it is gloriously huge and wonderful. We also started the hunt for some furniture. Shopping for furniture when you have kids is a special form of torture. It involves a lot of going from store to store, walking around, and is very very boring. In fact I basically spent $20 bucks in bribe money just to get my kids to look at the furniture section of Dillards while Lance was on a bike ride Sunday.
In an attempt to find something without the help of kids I ran to a furniture store last night and sent picture texts back to Lance. I found two chairs I really like and think will be great. The downside? They are special order and will take at least 8 weeks to get. Man! I am ready to be done with this project and sitting in my comfy chairs. I know it is worth the wait to get what I want but what I really wanted to do was throw a fit in the store and scream "but I want them NOW!!!" I haven't ordered them yet, I figure if we have to wait that long I may as well take Lance over and let him sit in one to make sure he likes them first.
What do you hate to wait for?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like an episode of Hoarders...

I have never really watched an episode of hoarders, but I have seen the previews and get the gist. I have enough OCD in me to know that show would make me squirm! January is that time of year when purging is the name of the game. I love going through the house and getting things back in order. I have been working my way slowly from project to project, a couple a day. I have to say I am always amazed at how much I can get rid of that I will never even know is gone.

The basement was my project on Tuesday morning. It is always pretty scary down there- it is the one place in the house I KNOW no one will wander into uninvited. So, you can imagine how much gets tossed down there just to get it out of the way. As I started to clear things out I found myself in my own little episode of hoarders. I found 5 or 6 empty Tide boxes stacked down there! Seriously? How does that happen? The corner by the beer fridge was an avalanche of cardboard. We look like raging alcoholics with the sheer number of 6 pack bottle holders overflowing down there.

It was really scary, but pretty amazing that only 30 minutes later it was organized and looking great. I think cleaning out like that is addicting. When I see how much of a difference I can make on an area with only 30 minutes of effort I am ready to start again. The basement success urged me on to an even more shameful mess in my house- the spice cabinet...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maybe One Resolution...

So I know I said yesterday that I don't do resolutions, and I maintain that is true. But, I think I have a goal of sorts for the new year. I spent some time this afternoon going through my closet. Something my sweet husband said over break hit just a little too close to home. While we were in Colorado I mentioned that I would love to go to the outlet mall with my mom. When the car accident happened that sort of went by the wayside. Lance said something to the effect of "you will probably just buy more t-shirts anyway". OOOhhh... that is very true.

I may not work outside the home, but I definitely have a uniform! In the winter I mainly wear jeans, some sort of long sleeved t-shirt or thin turtleneck, one of three down vests, and either uggs or tennis shoes. It is just so comfortable! As I went through my closet today I realized that I actually have a few cute clothes, I just never wear them. So, my resolution is to put a little more thought into my appearance fashion-wise. I will never be a crazed fashionista, but I know I can do better! Just promise not to call me out the next time I wear my uniform:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Pace

The hectic nature of the Christmas season is so much fun and so exciting. It is also totally unsustainable. Today was back to school day here and I must say it is refreshing to adjust to a new, much more subdued pace.
I enjoy my house when it is decorated to the hilt for Christmas, but I find it refreshing to look around and appreciate it without all that fluff.
I love holiday cooking and eating, but I am looking forward to simple winter soups and not so many sweets.
It is fun picking out and wrapping up gifts for everyone, but I love seeing those gifts in action even more.
It feels good to clean out some clutter, organize our things, find the office desk again.
Getting back to running after two weeks off felt great this morning, even though my knees were squawking after skiing just a bit.
I find it hard to concentrate on long term projects during the Christmas season, so I am starting to get out my lists and doing some major looking ahead.
I really don't do resolutions, but I am excited for the quiet season of January to get my act together. What about you?

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Great Break... with one small bad incident.

Happy New Year!
We had a fabulous Christmas here at home and with the Leffel family and then jumped in the car and headed out to Breckenridge to celebrate with my family there. It was wonderful. Santa constructed a 6-man tent in our front room. It was so big the kids had to climb through it to get to the tree and the rest of the gifts. This was our first Christmas at home in 6 years. It was fantastic!

We also had a ball in Breckenridge. The kids tried skiing for the first time and loved it. By their third day of ski school Zander was taking the chair lift and skiing down the greens. Zella was having a ball on the baby bunny hill with her new friends. Lance and I got some great skiing in and even had a powder afternoon on Thursday.

The downside? After that great ski day we got ready to take the gondola down the mountain and discovered someone had taken my rental skis. My dad, brother, and I went to sort that out and Lance jumped in his car with my mom and the kids. As I was getting the fabulous news that I will have to pay for the skis if someone doesn't return them I got a call from my mom that they had been in a wreck heading back to the cabin we were staying in.
Thankfully no one was hurt in the wreck and everyone got out of the car before the really bad damage happened. Let's just say a steep hill with no traction, new snow, and cars that can't stop are a bad combo. The poor FJ Cruiser had the drivers side door smashed in completely. FJ had to stay in Colorado for repairs and we cruised home in a Jeep Compass rental.
The upside? Lance will get to go back to Colorado for the weekend soon to pick up the car and maybe squeeze in another ski day. Oh well, what is life without a little adventure right? Bring on 2011!