Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rink Finds

As January wears on the fresh feeling of moving Christmas out is usually followed by a strong desire to freshen things up with some easy decor changes. After stopping by the furniture shop to place the order and start the clock on my eight week wait for new chairs I decided to try for some instant gratification at one of my favorite treasure hunting spots- the Rink in Bethany.

The Rink is an old skating rink that has been turned into a booth style thrift/decor/antique/stuff place. I have never failed to find something I could not live without on a trip to the Rink and this day was no different! I had my eye out for a small side table to go between the new club chairs I ordered for the office. I also wanted something fun for my front room bookshelves. I needed a reason and motivation to change them up. I am happy to report I had success with both items!

First- the table. This is a leggy metal tray top style table in a blackish bronze finish that I think will be perfect for the office. It should hit right at the arm rest height of the chairs which I always think is the best height for a side table. I like that it is metal and hopefully very durable and kid resistant. What do you think?

Next up- a bird cage. As I start to look for more springy touches to bring into the house this totally caught my eye. It is metal with a wooden finial on top and the perfect size for my bookcases. I had to have it.

Once I got my treasures home I got started rearranging the bookcases. In one of the nine thousand magazines I read each month (I know I have a problem but have no desire to seek help) I saw a tip about taking all the book jackets off of the books to change up the look. I gave it a try and like the result.

Here is the finished product- rearranged shelf...

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