Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My husband and kids have never been to Disney and I think this year is the year to change that! I think both kiddos (7& almost 5) are at a great age to go and really enjoy the experience. As I am nothing if not a type "A" super planner, I am writing this post to ask for tips and tricks. If you have been and especially if you have taken your kids- I want your input!

We will likely try and go in October as we will have an extended Fall Break with our school's new continuous learning calendar. I have said nothing about this to my kids, so if you see them please don't say anything! I am looking forward to hearing from you, my faithful 4 or 5 readers (thanks mom and Lori:)). I know you won't steer me wrong...


  1. Sorry, I don't have any tips. Ryan and I have touched on wanting to take the boys but are too scared! Guess you can be the guinea pig and give me all the tips. I have a few Disney experiences as a young girl and they were ruined by my brother who cried the whole time. He was about 5 and looking back now I am betting he was overdone.

    I am sure you have a lot more than 4 or 5 readers. You are a really good writer and I laugh when I read and usually nod my head. You also have quite the knack for decor! Let me know when you are for hire. :)

    Hope you are well.

    Loyal reader #6. :)

  2. We are going to Orlando at the end of April for Ramon's goddaughter's quinceanera (15th bday), and are taking Cali with us. We'll probably only do 1 day at Disney, but I'll let you know how it goes! I found a website that has been helpful in figuring out some of the tips/tricks - I am excited about going - and Cali thinks we need to go buy a princess dress to meet Cinderella *today* ;-)

  3. K-
    Fall is a great time to go. I have been 3 times in the fall and I find it cooler and less people to deal with during that time. We are actually going in a few weeks, so I will let you know how it is in February. We break up each day at one park. But Epcot could be combined with Universal Studios if you have less days. We do make reservations for some of the restaurants to have some fun places to go, and we do like to stay at the Disney hotels just so you can catch all the buses to the parks. I do love to do the boat ride to Downtown Disney and take the Monorail from Epcot to Magic Kingdom. I find that staying at Disney with a room that has some extras (refrigerate, Washer Dryer(Villas)) Does help when you want a snack or to eat breakfast in your room or dirty cloths, but they are not a necessity. I hope this helped some.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the comments both here and on facebook... I am really getting excited about doing this trip! Erin, I will make notes for you friend:)