Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like an episode of Hoarders...

I have never really watched an episode of hoarders, but I have seen the previews and get the gist. I have enough OCD in me to know that show would make me squirm! January is that time of year when purging is the name of the game. I love going through the house and getting things back in order. I have been working my way slowly from project to project, a couple a day. I have to say I am always amazed at how much I can get rid of that I will never even know is gone.

The basement was my project on Tuesday morning. It is always pretty scary down there- it is the one place in the house I KNOW no one will wander into uninvited. So, you can imagine how much gets tossed down there just to get it out of the way. As I started to clear things out I found myself in my own little episode of hoarders. I found 5 or 6 empty Tide boxes stacked down there! Seriously? How does that happen? The corner by the beer fridge was an avalanche of cardboard. We look like raging alcoholics with the sheer number of 6 pack bottle holders overflowing down there.

It was really scary, but pretty amazing that only 30 minutes later it was organized and looking great. I think cleaning out like that is addicting. When I see how much of a difference I can make on an area with only 30 minutes of effort I am ready to start again. The basement success urged me on to an even more shameful mess in my house- the spice cabinet...

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  1. You and Nanci are very similar in this area - she would give you a run for your money on the "least likely to be on hoarders" award!