Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it worth the wait?

I think with every passing year the world gets more and more fast paced. With the increasingly instant world we live in waiting seems to get harder and harder. I find myself really struggling with patience. Am I alone in this? If I want something I want it 5 minutes ago... and I wonder where my kids get their inability to wait!
Lance and I are working on turning our office area into a more comfortable place to hang out and relax. Too many Sunday afternoons we find ourselves sitting in the office watching football on our 12 year old tiny non-HD TV while sitting on our futon with the mattress that slowly slides to the floor. What about our nice big TV and comfy couches downstairs? Well, the kids are down there in the lap of luxury watching Scooby Doo of course!
So, this weekend we upgraded the TV and I must say it is gloriously huge and wonderful. We also started the hunt for some furniture. Shopping for furniture when you have kids is a special form of torture. It involves a lot of going from store to store, walking around, and is very very boring. In fact I basically spent $20 bucks in bribe money just to get my kids to look at the furniture section of Dillards while Lance was on a bike ride Sunday.
In an attempt to find something without the help of kids I ran to a furniture store last night and sent picture texts back to Lance. I found two chairs I really like and think will be great. The downside? They are special order and will take at least 8 weeks to get. Man! I am ready to be done with this project and sitting in my comfy chairs. I know it is worth the wait to get what I want but what I really wanted to do was throw a fit in the store and scream "but I want them NOW!!!" I haven't ordered them yet, I figure if we have to wait that long I may as well take Lance over and let him sit in one to make sure he likes them first.
What do you hate to wait for?

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  1. Everything!!! I hate to wait on everything and life as a mom is a lot of waiting. Therefore, I knit! :)