Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maybe One Resolution...

So I know I said yesterday that I don't do resolutions, and I maintain that is true. But, I think I have a goal of sorts for the new year. I spent some time this afternoon going through my closet. Something my sweet husband said over break hit just a little too close to home. While we were in Colorado I mentioned that I would love to go to the outlet mall with my mom. When the car accident happened that sort of went by the wayside. Lance said something to the effect of "you will probably just buy more t-shirts anyway". OOOhhh... that is very true.

I may not work outside the home, but I definitely have a uniform! In the winter I mainly wear jeans, some sort of long sleeved t-shirt or thin turtleneck, one of three down vests, and either uggs or tennis shoes. It is just so comfortable! As I went through my closet today I realized that I actually have a few cute clothes, I just never wear them. So, my resolution is to put a little more thought into my appearance fashion-wise. I will never be a crazed fashionista, but I know I can do better! Just promise not to call me out the next time I wear my uniform:)

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