Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Grade Fun

Today Zander's first grade class decorated gingerbread houses. His wonderful teacher asked us to come help and I was so happy to! I know the days of my sweet boy wanting me to be there and running to hug me when I walk in the classroom door are somewhat numbered. His class is so much fun, so well behaved, and so sweet. Mrs. Mullaney rocks the house! She has these kids whipped into some amazing shape. Here are some pictures of the fun...

After the decorating each student shared the gingerbread picture they had made and the story behind it...

It was such a fun afternoon. I thought this jumbo sized gingerbread house was super cool as well. Apparently Mrs. M found these clearanced at Walmart years ago and bought them out. Each year she sets it up for December and the kids get to decorate it and sit inside to read and work puzzles during free time. So cute!

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