Friday, April 30, 2010

Worth Speaking Up

Are you a go along to get along kind of person? In a lot of ways I know I am. I definitely do not like to argue for arguments sake. If I don't have a pretty strong opinion about something I feel like I try to just let things go. I absolutely value the idea that once words are spoken you cannot take them back. But sometimes... it is worth speaking up.

We love our neighborhood elementary school. It is less than a block away and is a great place to learn. It is an Arts Integration school, which means my son gets specialized instruction in visual arts, music, rhythm and movement, drama, and starts strings in the 3rd grade. Teachers also integrate the arts into all aspects of daily classroom life. What a great way to learn! Our school has been under construction all year- we are getting a new addition. It looks amazing. I promise to post pictures later today if it is not raining.

This year our school's preK program has been held at American Fidelity just a little bit down the road from the real school building. With the construction and the start of all day Kindergarten there just was no place to house preK kiddos this year. It is amazing that American Fidelity stepped up to let this great program go on during this year of transition. I am so grateful that we have community partners like this in Oklahoma City. What a commitment to helping public education!

Next year Zella will attend Wilson PreK. We love the school she goes to now, but it just makes sense to get her started at the school she will attend for the next six years. The problem? There was talk of keeping the preK at American Fidelity again next year. Parents were very unhappy. We will have a beautiful new preK classroom in our new addition ready to go for next year. Why not move the program back where it belongs? The decision was being made at the district level and we were told it was a done deal.

I decided I had to speak up. Even if it was a done deal, I wanted the powers that be to know that I did not think this was in the best interests of Wilson families. So I made some calls and wrote some emails. I encouraged some others to do the same. Friends of mine went and spoke with administrators in person. We were assured a meeting would be held for parents to discuss the issue. We waited.

Yesterday I opened the school newsletter to find a small little article on the third page letting parents know that preK will be back at Wilson for next year. I am thrilled but a little amused that there was no real communication on this issue other than this tiny article. I don't know if speaking up made the difference, but I know that saying nothing would probably mean shuttling two kids to different buildings for the same start time every day for a year. I am glad I spoke up.

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