Thursday, April 29, 2010

Outdoor Living

If you live in Oklahoma you know there are two outdoor living seasons. Spring and Fall. Winter can get brutally cold and summer is generally unbearably hot. But in between is some of the most fantastic weather around. I love to be outside, especially in weather like we have been having. Two of my favorite spots in the whole world are right in my own front and back yards.

Front Porch Sitting:

I have shown pictures of my big old front porch on this blog already, in conjunction with my trash to treasure find. Since sprucing up that table I have also added a couple pillows, an outdoor rug, a lantern, and a big boston fern. This spot is such a retreat for me. I love to come out here, sit and read. Hubby and I spend LOTS of nights sitting, sipping, and catching up with one another. We even recently celebrated our neighbor's birthday out on the front porch complete with cake. This is honestly my favorite "room" in the house. If you are in the neighborhood stop on by to swing on the front porch. I may even make you some lemonade.
This is the view from my favorite chair on the front porch:

A Back Yard Sanctuary:

One of the most interesting questions I get following our move downtown is if it is loud with city sounds here. I laugh a little as our old backyard backed up to Hefner Road and was most nights too loud with traffic noise to have a decent conversation. In fact, our new backyard is really a sanctuary of wonderful plants and a soothing fountain. We have a bird feeder and spend lots of time watching the cardinal pair that seem to live in our yard.

The roses have all started blooming and smell fantastic.

I am waiting for the peonies to open up- they are getting so close. Our backyard table is the perfect spot for morning coffee, with the water sounds and chirping birds. It is also the best place to play together as a family in the evenings.

Do you have an outdoor retreat?


  1. I'll say it again - I LOVE your house!!! One of the things I really enjoy about our house in BA is that it backs up to a "forest" (one of the city's wooded running trails). The backyard faces east, so even on hot summer days, by 4:00, most of the backyard is shaded, so we sit on the patio and enjoy our own private wilderness :-)

  2. Southern living porch!!! That's not your porch! You stole it from a magazine. :). Beautiful.

  3. Of course I stole it from a magazine:) Didn't you see my post about my obsession? I am thinking my next blog will feature all the places I stole my porch ideas from.