Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I a Mac or a PC?

It has been time for a while to upgrade the technology here at the Leffel home. The computer I am using right now was purchased six years ago, an eternity in the life of technology. I have basically reached the end of my rope with the sloooooow way this machine works. So, time for an upgrade.

My question is, am I a Mac or a PC? I totally want to be a Mac. They have that cool, hip factor and I would be a total liar to say I didn't like that. My husband is really interested in the IPad, so that would be another reason to go Mac.

But- the PC seems much cheaper overall. I also don't really do any super heavy computing. Our computer is a picture and video storage unit that keeps our books and does word processing. That and the Internet pretty much do it for my computing time. So, what do you think? Am I a Mac or PC?


  1. You are definitely a cool, hip mama, so Mac!:-D I am SO fed up with our laptop - our next computer will definitely be a Mac. And with the survival rate of these Dells, that will probably be in the not too distant future ;-)

  2. I have been having the same dilema. Currently we are a PC but are seriously considering changing our identity! A friend of mine got one last year and she loves it. Apparently the MAC is best for pics and videos which is what we use ours for mostly, too. I keep all of our budgets, address files, etc in Excel. Supposedly there is something sort of like it that's pretty easy to learn. Problems arise when you try to attach word and other docs to people who don't have the programs. This may not even really be an issue anymore! I'm anxious about having to learn a new operating system but think it will be worth it. Let me know if you guys get one! Love and miss.......

  3. You know I have a MAC "problem". It started with a laptop three and a half years ago and has gone from there. I use my computer for most of the things you mentioned.....I also use it a lot for organizing and designing. In fact, I am about to start a Technology segment to my blog to detail out my organization techniques. I could go on and on about my love for MAC but the best testament is the fact that the before mentioned laptop still works as well as the first day I bought it. The frequent updates and very inexpensive software upgrades keep it up to date and in good shape....Sans a lot of toddler fingerprints.