Friday, April 23, 2010

Thunder Up for the Playoffs

Last night was the most exciting, crazy, loud, fun sporting event I have ever attended. Lance and I went to Miami for the OU national championship game a couple of years ago and the fanfare at that event didn't even come close to last night. Words fail to describe the crazy excitement of the crowd in the Ford Center for the 1st ever NBA Playoff game in OKC.

There were some really awesome moments last night, especially in the pregame. The Thunder put together a video that was incredible tracing Oklahoma City from boomtown to today. It included moving moments from the bombing, shots of the memorial, I only wish I had started videoing earlier. I picked it up from when OKC got the Thunder on to the end of the video. Here is a link to some videos I shot last night from the Pre-game, Starting Lineups, and the end of the Rise Together video:

Thunder Up!

In all a totally unforgettable night. I am hoarse and tired after all these late night games. BUT- I am absolutely pumped for Saturday night's game... I am resting my voice to cheer the Thunder to another big WIN!

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