Friday, October 8, 2010

Kickin it in time for the Weekend

Tomorrow looks to be a fantastic and BUSY day. I am meeting some girlfriends to go to Mistletoe Market and then back to my neighborhood for some Big Truck Tacos and the Heritage Hills Home Tour. I work a house on the tour from 2:30-5:00, and then Lance and I are headed to a seventies themed party tomorrow night. Man, I got a little tired just typing that all out! I love packing in as much fun as possible.

Unfortunately I have been battling some sinus and upper respiratory junk all week and it is getting me down. So, I broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Sure enough, what I was playing off as allergies is really an infection. Why oh why will I take my kids to the doctor at the first sniffle but let myself get to a point of no return before I go? Well, I am sure glad I went. I got a shot of the good stuff to get me started and a couple scips that will hopefully have me right as rain to party all day tomorrow. Hope I can kick this in time to have a great time:)

By the way, in case the above fun Saturday options are not enough for you I have one more tip: Tomorrow from 12-6 is also the Mesta Festa at Mesta Park (18th and Shartel). They have music, food, microbrews and wine, kids crafts, and an awesome playground as well. I know my family will be headed over (without me) to check it out. You should too!

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  1. So fun to get good recipes from your daughter!