Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween! It has been a fun and very busy Halloween weekend around here. Thursday Nana arrived and we got to play with new toys and carve pumpkins!

She even brought me my favorite hometown treat- Del's Caramel Corn. So good. I totally hid it from my kids so I would not have to share!

We kicked off Friday with a school assembly and our Church Fall Festival. Both were fantastic as usual...
Zander got High Honors and a straight A report card along with perfect attendance (which has to be the dumbest award around if you ask me, but that is a whole other post:)) We are really proud of him!

Church Fall Festival is a very special event to me and it went so smoothly again this year thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who show up and do their part. My Sunday School class in particular makes the least glamorous jobs fun- stuffing 600 treat sacks and cleaning up a floor covered in popcorn? They do it with no complaints! Wonderful! Here are the kids with their buddies from church...

Last night was Trick or Treat night here in OKC, so my mom was nice enough to sit on the porch and give out candy so both Lance and I could head out with the kids. We met up with our friends the Gardners and had a blast. There are some people that go seriously crazy in our neighborhood and a lot of kids drive down here to trick or treat. It is a serious spectacle. Here are some sights from the night...

I really did not even get pics of the coolest houses because it was so crazy I was too busy keeping track of the kids. Anyway, what a fun, busy weekend. We finished it off eating on the back porch tonight. I made the roasted butternut squash with a grilled pork tenderloin, apples, and cheesy rice. Yummo!

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