Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girls Night IN

Tonight Lance and Zander got a chance to join some friends at the Thunder pre-season game. They are also headed to the OU game on Saturday. With all this guy time going on I have to step up my game and find some fun things to do with sweet Zella Grace. She is such a fun, happy, good-hearted little girl. It is a pleasure just to be around her, but I hate for her to feel like she is being left out of fun. So, when the boys headed out for some guy time we decided to have a girls night in.

First, we put on our pajamas. Zella's current favorite are a hand me down pair of Hannah Montana jammies from her friend Katherine. Cool on two levels... awesome because they are Hannah Montana AND because our much older fun friend gave them to us!

Although she has seen the show just a handful of times Zella has started singing bits and pieces of the theme song for the Hannah Montana show. So, I downloaded the song from Itunes and she spent the rest of the evening hitting repeat and listening to it over and over while dancing, singing, and having a blast.

Just to top things off we decided to do toenails. For the Halloween effect we went dark with some fun designs.

That is supposed to be a happy ghost on the big toe...
Such a fun night in with my cutie. Now I have to plan for Saturday night... would love some low cost, low key ideas for another fun girls night in! Come on readers... I know you have some...

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  1. How about teaching her how to jump rope? THere's lots of jingles to sing and say while you jump!