Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skinny Jeans, Jeggins, UGH!

If you are a man just click on away. This post is not for you.

Ok friends. Those of you that know me know I am not exactly trendy in my dress. I generally admire the latest fashions on others and in magazines and give in a couple years later when they are still hanging around. Some I am glad I bothered to embrace. Uggs anyone? Totally worth it. Others I just pray never go mainstream. But here we are in Fall 2010 and the Skinny Jean/Jegging thing is just not going away.

I was out and about today looking for one of those trendy wide belts that have not gone away thinking it might spice up an outfit I am wearing to a charity thing tonight. I went to Target where I knew it would be really cheap. I bought the thing and was feeling really sassy when I also found some cheap fun tall boots for the fall. Score. Look at me! Trendy!

All that feel good cheap shopping juice was really flowing now and I crossed the line ladies. I decided to try on some skinny jeans. UGH!

I definitely knew better but I went in anyway. What is it about the skinny jean? Wanting to highlight thighs of all things? I took one look in the mirror, stripped those bad boys off and left the dressing room at a running pace. Not only did they look awful, they felt terrible on. I had sort of joined the legging club last year. As a tall girl I recognized the advantage of having somethings really soft and comfy to layer under all the dresses and skirts that are normal on others and mini on me. But the skinny jean I fear must remain a don't for me.

If you love the skinny... I want to hear why! (By the way, girl code mandates you not rub it in if I eventually give in to this trend)


  1. I do have some, in really dark blue and a dark gray pair. They aren't the super tight ones like Express had last year that looked more like fake printed denim on cotton leggings-GROSS! I wear them more like a legging though, with longer tops and tunics. My legs tend to look too twiggy in regular tight leggings, so these make them not look twiggy as much and they're warmer AND more importantly, would fit into those WAY cute boots you bought today!
    I'll go with you and you try them on again, you just need another opinion :)
    I'm s

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely in a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with skinny jeans. It seems like they look cute on everyone else, and I wish I could find a pair that looked as good on me, but it's just not happening. :( I agree with Ginnie about the jeggings looking like fake printed denim...I'm still searching for an adequate pair of those...
    Great post! I feel your pain totally!!!