Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Month In

We are nearly a month into the school routine here and I am finally settling down a little. I had no idea how starved I had been for free time all summer. Here are a few things I am loving right now.
1. Walking or running almost every morning after I drop the kids at school.
2. Working in the yard/garden- I actually transplanted a hydrangea today!
3. Transitioning my house to fall, changing out my beachy mantle and pillows to bring in a hint of fall. No pumpkins yet, but I am dying for it to be that time.
4. Planning the church Fall Festival, my friend's baby shower, working on PTA- having some projects to sink my time into.
5. Savoring my afternoons with Zella. This is her last year of half day school. What will I do when she is all day too?
6. Reading. Everything. I. Can. I really missed reading time this summer. Have any of you read the Hunger Games trilogy? I am obsessed. OBSESSED.

If I could will Fall weather to get here I would. I am so worn out by this hot, humid weather. Hurry up cool air. I am suffocating here! This is only made worse by all those I love who live in states with real fall- I am happy for you guys, really. But hearing about how great it is there only makes it feel worse every time I step foot outside!

I have not felt inspired to blog at all lately. I am hoping now that things are smoothing out I will make some time to not just read what everyone else is saying, but to add a little to the mix myself.


  1. That all looks like time well spent!!! I am always amazed at everything you get accomplished!


  2. Is now the time to transplant hydrangeas? I have a couple that don't bloom but I'm thinking they need more sun. I need to be more structured in my days, then maybe I'd get as much done in a day as you do!