Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been interested in composting for several years now but apart from a very unsuccessful attempt about a year and a half ago I have not really gotten going on it. My neighbors Mark and Ellen inherited a composting bin from their family and started composting this summer. I was envious. So, Monday in a seize the day fit of productivity I set up my very own open air compost area.
First, I acknowledged the fact that I was not going to fit a cool bin system into the budget anytime soon. Then I decided just to get a pile going in the back corner of the yard. I used some old fence panels and some wire caging and went to town. Here is the result...

I have had to concentrate really hard when preparing food not to throw away stuff that can go in the pile! I have really loved all the gardening I have done the past year and I am excited to take this next step both in reducing our family garbage can output and making some really great soil supplement for my garden. Fingers crossed that this does not end in disaster.


  1. I bet it goes great!!! I want to know how it turns out. I am thinking about a worm bin next year. I think "next year" is already here...but what will one more year hurt! :)

  2. It looks great!! We will have to take the composting class next year at the food bank!