Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain Rain Rain Rain

So why is it that after I broke down and bought a pool pass for the rest of the summer the rains immediately descended on Oklahoma City and REFUSE TO LEAVE?! Seriously. I am kind of a veteran of OKC summers at this point and July generally vacillates between too hot to go out and too hot for the air conditioner to even keep up inside. I know it is wrong to complain about this mild, wet alternative to our usual but I am ready to take my kids swimming people!

Since that is obviously not happening again today, I decided to hit the library and the mall and take care of some business. We were in and out of the library in a flash and off to the mall for 3 things: 1. new crocs for Zander (Success!) 2. a solution to our wireless network woes at the Apple Store (Slightly more expensive Success!) 3. a birthday gift for a neighbor courtesy of the Lego store (Success, and more...)

Zander has been saving his tooth fairy cash and grandparent given spare dollars for several months now waiting to earn enough to buy a "BIG Lego set". Since we were hitting the Lego store for the birthday gift I had him bring his cash along as well. Wouldn't you know that he decided to forgo the wait to save for a $50-$80 set and bought the $30 one he had the cash for. That's my boy. No complaints here, we came home and got crackin on the new set. It was hour and a halfs of fun on yet another rainy day.

Lest you think I do not love my sweet daughter, I did let her pick out a new Dora swimsuit for whenever it FINALLY stops raining here:)

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