Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Highlights...

*Yummy steak dinner Friday night.
*A parade and walk in the rain Saturday morning.
*Making homemade peach and toasted pecan ice cream (and vanilla for the kids).
*Dinner with friends and a sleepover for Zander Saturday night.
*A patriotic Sunday morning at church, recognizing all the amazing people in our congregation who have served our country.
*Swimming in the rain Sunday afternoon.
*Delicious Conch Chowder, Hamburgers, Banana Coladas, and on and on Sunday night.
*Watching the kids play with sparklers and glow necklaces decked out in their 4th finest.
*Transferring two exhausted, sleeping kids into their beds.
*A walk, time in the garden, and chilling at home Monday morning.
*Toy Story 3- so fun, what a great franchise of movies. A tear jerker to boot!
*Pork Chops thawing in the fridge and some couch time with my honey calling at the end of a long weekend... just have to get those kids in bed.

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