Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gearing UP for a New Year

Like most things in my life this summer this blog has taken a back seat to being a full time all the time mom. I have really enjoyed having my kids home with me this summer and we have done our best to make the most of each day. Personal time has been pretty slim the past few months but was worth it for the good times spent together. But the time has come..I am now officially ready to gear up for back to school time.

As a kid, then a teacher, and now a mom my life has ALWAYS been dictated by the yearly school schedule and I love it that way. There is something so fun about the back to school time that gets me excited about starting fresh. Fall also happens to be my very favorite season. So, in honor of back to school time and the slow approach of Fall (I do know I live in Oklahoma where fall sometimes does not appear until November...) I am giving this blog a new look. I hope it means the return of some time to spend doing things that I love just for me as well. Putting yourself aside is not a terrible exercise, but I feel like it is time to gear up for a whole new year- hopefully with some time for ME!

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