Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Fashioned 4th of July Fun-in a torrential downpour

I love so many things about the neighborhood we live in, but one of my favorite things about living here is getting to participate in all the fun family-friendly events. Today was the 4th of July celebration for the neighborhood. It was a Pot-Luck Brunch on the lawn of a historical home and a bike/stroller/wagon parade led by the area fire department. The kids and I started decorating the wagon early this week and finished up this morning just in time for the parade.

Now, the skies were looking ominous so Lance drove the kids over and I walked the wagon. We ate, drank, and it started to sprinkle. Then we lined up for the parade.

About half way through it just started pouring. The parade was only one trip around the block. I got pictures at the start and ran around the opposite way to try and catch them again. When I hit the other side of the street, here is what I found:

It was still so fun and incredibly hilarious. Zander was having so much fun that he and I decided to splash all the way home in the rain. It was a priceless memory to end up a fun morning. Love my 4th of July babies.

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