Monday, May 3, 2010

I Appreciate Teachers

Where would we be without the amazing men and women who dedicate their lives to teaching children of all ages? Despite the drawbacks, including really lousy pay, so many talented folks commit their time to making a lifelong impression on students everywhere.
Quick- shout out the name of your Kindergarten teacher!
Mrs. Koontz was mine. I still remember the little alphabet books we read each week, the nap mat with my name stitched on it, fun times. I am blessed to have had many very memorable teachers over the years. Dr. Blair, Decatur people?

In my opinion a lifelong love of learning starts at home. However, I really and truly believe it cannot continue on without great teachers. To honor all teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week is really important to me.

First on my list is the most important teacher in my life- my mom.

Although she took a few years off when my brother and I were very small, she has spent a vast majority of her life teaching. This May will mark a really major milestone for her- retirement. After many many years of incredibly dedicated service she will leave the Decatur Public Schools behind. I am very excited for her to take this step in a new direction. She will finally have more time to travel (hopefully to Oklahoma), and time to just do whatever she decides. I do know this, those administrators at her district are going to feel her absence come fall. My mom has not once in all her years decided to just "phone in" anything. I am so proud of the example she set for me! (I better stop here- I feel a mother's day post coming on...)

I am especially thankful for my son's wonderful teacher this year as well. Miss Lindauer is a master teacher indeed. She has that wonderful combination of incredibly high standards, no nonsense discipline, and kind heart that make school a great place to be for my son. We had a bit of a rough start to the school year, but she stuck with Zander and has helped shape habits in him that will allow him to continue to blossom as he moves on to first grade. We have been really amazed at all the things Zander has learned through the school year. Miss L really goes above and beyond the call of duty every single day!

When I think about 3 year old preschool I imagine a warm, child-centered haven where kids can start learning the basics of how to get along, listen to and follow directions, and navigate the larger world. Zella Grace has also been blessed this year. If you were to look up preschool teacher in the dictionary there just might be a picture of Miss Cathy right there in Websters. I appreciate all she and Miss Hannah have done this year to shape Zella into a delightful learner- she loves school. That is the number one job of preschool if you ask me, it should leave kids begging for more!

What teachers have had a profound impact on your or your kiddo's lives? Have you told them how much you appreciate them? Do it this week!

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