Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Grandgirls Weekend... and Zander too

For the past three days my Mom and Dad in Law have hosted 10 kiddos age 4-14 at their house for a whirlwind of fun. This event was officially titled "The Grandgirl Weekend". My hubby's aunt Joyce came with four beautiful girls from Arkansas and Tennessee, add in my four nieces from Texas and my two kiddos and you have a whole lot of fun. Here is a review of the events...
Crafting: We made tote bags from fun fabrics and bling.

Sweet and Sassy: All the girls got mani-pedi's and then took to the catwalk for some Taylor Swift Karaoke. (Zander was the official photographer for this event and got a webkin souvenir.)

We swam- no pics, lifeguarding 10 kids is no joke! Then rounded out the day with dinner, playing, and movies.

Day 2-
Grooming: Hair and makeup time is serious business with all these beauties in the house.

Inspirations Tea Room: We picked up Meme for a fancy lunch. How special for her to have 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter, and 9 great-grands all together for lunch. The kids even toasted her for being such a wonderful Meme.

The Show, take 2... These kiddos love to put on a show and sing for an audience. After the tea room they headed back to Meme's retirement home to sing for her. I missed the performance to make my kids rest, but will post a video later.
(And HERE it is:))

More swimming, eating, playing, s'mores, and fun. The kids have had such a fun time being together. My children keep asking when they have to come home. I think they are secretly hoping to get to spend the whole summer camped out with their cousins in Edmond! Thanks Geep and Gege for hosting this fantastic weekend, and to Aunt Joyce for bringing Emily and the Reed girls. What fun!

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