Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cousin Camp

This week my sister in law and her kiddos are in town, staying at Geep and Gege's house in Edmond. So- we are having tons and tons of cousin fun! I totally love that both of Lance's sisters live close enough for our kids to have close relationships with one another. The older girls are so sweet with both my kiddos, and Zander and his cousin Abigail are just three months apart and great friends. Holden and Jeremy are also getting old enough to interact with the big kids. What a blessing!

Monday and Tuesday we had fun playing, swimming, tatooing, and hanging out. Here are some pics of the fun:

Tonight Lance's aunt Joyce came to town with four more sweet girls to join the fun. Tomorrow all 9 girls are headed to get mani pedis. Friday will be a trip to the tea room for lunch. What fun! More pictures of the girlie madness to come.

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