Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would You Wear These?

I was buying my son some Easter shoes at Target today and stumbled upon these very interesting shoes...

I know I am conservative and boring, but I saw these and thought WOWZA! They definitely make a statement... just in case this picture is hard to see- that is a black sandal with a bejeweled tiger on the strap.
What do you think? Would you wear these bad boys?

This poor blog has been neglected as life has moved from busy to straight up warp speed around here. I am hoping to do a catch up post with pics of all the action around here. (Yes, I know my mom is the only blog reader who probably cares about this:))


  1. Sassy! I'm pretty sure you have to rock the red lipstick with those bad boys! RAWR! I think they are cute. I don't think I would have even recognized it as a tiger until you said it. Rock 'em girl!

    Warp speed here as well and I always read your posts!

    W sends Z some love!


  2. Just want you to know I am reading....and you and your sweet family make me smile! I expect to see you in those shoes this summer!

  3. Ha! No freaking way am I buying those shoes... They just made me stop in my tracks and laugh out loud at Target, and that is saying something!

  4. Hey...I bought those shoes!...........just kidding. I am ALMOST that blingy! Love ya!