Thursday, April 28, 2011

Compost 2.0

Last year I vowed to start composting and wound up with a big pile that never really got going. Epic Fail.

So, this year when I decided to start up again I went a different route. I think my biggest issue with the out in the open pile is the whole turning and aerating part. I am quite honestly not strong enough to get things properly turned. Instead of accepting defeat, I broke down and bought a compost tumbler. I was able to assemble it in about 30 minutes and it was so worth it. We are going really strong with the process now. Can't wait to see how my first batch turns out.

My other totally worth it composting purchase is this:

I got it at Williams Sonoma with a Christmas gift card... thanks Uncle Randy! It has also made a huge difference in our composting efforts. It holds food for days without getting stinky and can sit on the counter looking all cool and stainless without activating my OCD. Win-win! Get one!

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