Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Planning for Summer

Sometimes the Universe sends me messages. Yesterday Lance and I sat down for a family scheduling conference and I was freaked out by how close we are to summer. Then I walked by a Metro Family magazine with the cover story "The Best-Summer-Ever Guide". Summer Pool information was out at the tennis club, and Saturday we got a summer camp brochure from Children's Theatre. EEEK!
I guess it is time to start making plans for the shortest summer ever. Oklahoma City Public Schools changed their schedule to a more year-round model. So, we basically have June and July only this year and a lot of fun to fit in. I like a good puzzle, but this is going to be a wild one to solve if I want to fit in all the cool stuff we want to do.
Last summer we had a lot of down time, and that was really great. So I guess my struggle will be to get in what my kiddos want to do without overdoing it and sending them back to school exhausted. What are your favorite family and kid activities for the summer?


  1. My favorite days are the ones we plan at home. Homemade popsicles, picnic in the backyard, summer olympics in the house or backyard. Movie days are always fun- popcorn w/fruitloops, nuts, chocolate chips, fruit snacks. Then put in a fun movie and make a day of it. There is no replacing the pool days for my kids too. You do have all the cool places to go in OKC( Zoo, Museum,)Take a day trip to Tulsa and see their Zoo or my friend works at a Safari Sanctuary out in Broken Arrow. You will do great. _Kristina

  2. See! I know! Total what to do freakout. I am looking into:
    Cub Scout Twilight Camp
    OKCMOA Camp

    For sure:
    CK Basketball Camp
    Pool pass somewhere

    I am all about less is more so I will probably only do one camp plus bball camp for each of the boys. I need to decide soon as they are already filling up.

    I know it's not a whole lot but with two summer vacations, playdates, day trips and using our various passes to keep busy, I think it will be enough. Good luck and I hope we can fit into each others schedules! :)