Monday, March 21, 2011

The Magic of Reading

I have always been and will always be a proud and happy bookworm. I really love nothing more than getting lost in a great story. I have always hoped to pass on this love to my kids, and we have made reading an important part of our nightly routine since they were babies. My mom and Lance's mom have both helped feed this love for my kids by giving them many many new books over the years.
One of my greatest joys over the last year has been seeing Zander develop as a reader. He is getting really fluent and is now able to take on chapter books on his own. We have tried out a few Boxcar Children books (these were the books that got me totally hooked on reading!). But, our latest and greatest favorites are the Magic Treehouse Books. He is able to read these on his own, but still likes us to read them to him as well. Yesterday the Full Circle Bookstore hosted a special Magic Treehouse event. Jack and Annie came and sang some songs to the kids and we were able to stand in line to get our books stamped and a picture taken. It was really a fun event and got Zander even more fired up about reading the next books in the series.

Now I just need a new book for myself! So, come on faithful readers and give me a recommendation for my new read!

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