Monday, March 7, 2011

A Cozy Den

I am extremely slow to buy new furniture. Most of the things in our house are still of the hand-me down repainted variety. I honestly love it that way. As long as a room works. This past fall Lance and I found ourselves Sunday afternoon after Sunday afternoon sitting on our futon couch with the cushion that slowly slides to the floor in the office upstairs watching football on a very small 11 year old TV with no HD anything while our kids sat downstairs in the lap of luxury watching HD Scooby Do on our comfy couches. There was something wrong with this picture. We vowed to change this situation in the new year and I am glad to say the project is almost complete.

Last night for the first time we were able to sit on our new comfy armchairs and watch our just as wonderful as the downstairs big TV and relax together in our new retreat. So, here it is... The new mom and dad hangout spot in our house. I love it! We each claimed a chair and I have a feeling 20 years from now we will probably still be in our chairs hanging in our newly fashioned Den.

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  1. Katy, this looks awesome! I love the furniture you chose....especially those stools. Happy Relaxing!