Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Round 2

I just finished my freezing cold run this morning and I have to admit I loved every second of it. It felt so good to get out and literally run free after the past week of being shackled to the house. The knowledge that storm number two should hit this evening also pushed me along. I know it may be another week before I get out and do this again. I have been a runner at various times of my life. I usually gear up, get in shape, run some races, then I have a baby or it gets really hot or summer comes and my kids are always around or... you get the picture. My schedule this year has given me the opportunity to stop making excuses and just get out there and run. I am free every morning from 8-11 while Zella is at preK. I try at least three or four mornings a week to walk or run. It has been fantastic for me mentally and physically. While I have no desire to train for a major race, this small victory of consistency is enough for me in this season of life.

Speaking of seasons, winter has been pretty brutal here this year. As we await another major storm that should drop 6-10 inches on us I find myself going through the motions of storm prep yet again. Stocking up on the few basics we may run out of, calling Lance to tell him to pick up more coffee and beer, and getting ready to light another fire in the fireplace to cozy up to. Our wood got really wet in the drifting of the last storm so I have been bringing wood in and trying to dry it out so it will burn well during this storm. So Lance walked in to see this in our kitchen last night:

Pretty random storm prep huh? What is the strangest thing you do when getting ready for a winter storm? Good luck all- especially to all the mamas out there who blew through the snow storm bag of tricks last week and have nothing left:)

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