Friday, June 11, 2010

Camp Love

Did you ever go to summer camp?

I did! Church Camp, Lifeguarding Camp, Sports Camps... In fact, camp is where I met my husband! For three summers we worked together as camp counselors in Colorado. So, you know the two of us are sending our kids to camp.

This year we got the first opportunity to expose Zander to camp. It has been fantastic! Camp DaKaNi is a campfire camps day-camp in Oklahoma City, just ten minutes from the house. He has gone each day this week with his best bud Ryan. They have gone fishing, boating, cooked over campfires, done hikes, learned songs, played games, done crafts, and on and on. What a blast!

Today Lance, Zella, and I got to go to the Council Campfire where they give out awards and the kids get to show us around camp and especially the little "home in the woods" they created. It was so fun to see the pride both boys took in what they had done this week. They led us all around to show us the special spots they got to know this week.

I am so proud of my buddy for embracing this week and loving every minute of it. At closing campfire today he got "the highest award camp gives" for being a leader and helper all week. I am such a proud mama. Camp Chief Ouray... watch out, we have a future counselor training for work already here in Oklahoma City!

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