Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This blog is suffering big time from my inability to focus long enough to sit still and write anything down. I know I have mentioned before that an invention to translate thoughts I have while running into actual blog posts would make this a much more entertaining place to read. Since I can hardly keep up with daily life I sadly will not be the one to make that invention into a bajillion dollar payday for my family!
Some random thoughts at the end of this lovely day...
1. I am grateful the stomach bug has moved on. Zella had a vicious one this weekend. I hated to see my sweet baby so sick, but the flip side is that it made us sit still and spend some good time snuggling on the couch. I got to earn my mom stripes on mothers day, but still got breakfast in bed and a beautiful 1920's art deco necklace from my amazing and thoughtful husband. The only downside was missing the bananas foster at the family brunch, but there is always next year!
2. I have always loved music and certain songs seem to get into me and I could pretty much listen to them over and over again forever. The song "Landslide" is like that. I obviously love any version of Stevie Nicks singing this song, or really Stevie Nicks singing anything. However, I really love any and all versions I have ever heard of this song. Do you have a song like that that?
3. It is never over until time runs out on the clock. This is a lesson I have been learning from the OKC Thunder in this series against Memphis. It also goes both ways, you can make improvements or stink it up big time with whatever time you have left. Anyway, seems like a little bit of a life lesson for me as well. To remember to keep doing my best all day everyday no matter what gets thrown my way.

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